Sexy Wish List is a service that allows users to build a list of adult products that your fans, friends or lovers can shop from. Select from lingerie, lotions, sex toys and more from top manufacturers. All products are shipped directly to you, without revealing your personal information to the person placing the order. In addition to receiving the items, you earn a commission on every order!

My Sexy Wishlist Warehouse


  1. How it works

    Once you are set up with Sexy Wish List, we can help you integrate a wish list console into your existing website, or supply you with a stand-alone website you can invite fans to. From your easy-to-navigate control panel, simply select the items you want to add to your wish list. Your fans can then pick those items to purchase for you. We take it from there! Your gift is sent to you from our warehouse, and your account is credited with up to 40% commission on every order. We will mail you commission checks at regular intervals.
  2. Invite others to create their own wish lists under yours

    As part of our system, you have the ability to allow visitors to your site to create their own wish lists as subsets of your own. They invite their fans or friends to buy gifts from their lists, and YOU get the commission on every order. The more sub-lists you create, the more earning potential your account has.
  3. Total privacy

    Your information is never shared or revealed to anyone visiting your wish list. Because we handle the complete transaction within our system, you can be sure that your privacy is 100% protected.
  4. Add a store to your site

    o In addition to our wish list program, we can provide you with a fully-functional, turn-key web store loaded with adult products and DVDs. Similar to the wish list, your fans can browse and order anything from your store and you receive the same commission on every order. We ship the products to your fans in discreet packaging with custom-addressed packing slips showing only the information you want.

What they are Saying

I have received at least 2 toys a week, for the past two months. This keeps both my husband and I yearning for more, and excited for the UPS guy to show up. More than that, I am making money working from home, while my little one is at school. This is too easy
- Sarah, NY

I think my friends are jealous of me, if they only knew my little secret. I have been a Cam girl for the past two years, and I am making enough with my wish list to pay the bills.
- Jillian, California